Getting to Know Peru through Language and Orientation Program

8 Apr

thumbnail_catherine4Volunteers who are interested to be part of Volunteer Work in Peru become more effective in doing their tasks by getting to know first about the country before actually starting to work. This is done through Language and Orientation program facilitated by selected volunteer organizations such as Volunteering Solutions. This program aims to introduce volunteers to the different things they ought to know about the country. This includes their language, history, culture, and attractions.

Peru is a Spanish-speaking country and you need to have a little knowledge about Spanish in order for you to communicate with the locals. Although most of the people you will be working with understand English, a little knowledge about Spanish greetings, words, and phrases can help you interact with the locals.

The country is mainly known for the ancient Incan civilization but there are more to learn about Peru’s history and culture. You can learn about these by visiting historic sites and observing the life of the locals. These activities are normally part of Language and Orientation Program. Moreover, there are other things that you can learn by attending the program like places to visit, things to do, food, safety issues, and many other things that you will find helpful while Volunteering in Peru .

If you Volunteer in Peru, attending Language and Orientation Program can really help you become more effective in your work as well as help you fully enjoy your experience as a volunteer. Although this program entails additional cost, volunteering in Peru is all worth it because of the many benefits that you can get from the experience.


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