The Importance of Language and Cultural Immersion to Medical Volunteers in India

10 Apr

India is a country that has unique culture, practices, and language. If you visit the country as Medical Volunteer India without having any background on these things, you may find it hard to be effective and efficient when dealing with patients. Your understanding and knowledge of its culture, practices, and language can significantly help you in your volunteer work.

Many volunteer organizations recognize the importance of giving volunteers lecture and orientation about India before sending them for volunteer work. Through an India cultural and language immersion program, volunteers are given some background on the more common cultures and practices in the country. They are also given basic knowledge on the Hindi language like common words or phrases that can be used to interact with patients and staff members who might not understand or speak English. Apart from immersion programs, there are also orientations that share the same goals as immersion programs.

That you can learn from immersion programs and orientation is not only applicable when you volunteer in the medical field. Should you choose to volunteer in other programs like community development, orphanage programs, English teaching programs, and others in the future, you can still apply what you learn in your volunteer work.

When you sign up for Medical Volunteer Programs India , make sure that you also avail of orientation or immersion programs because what you can learn from these programs can immensely help you as a Medical Volunteer Work India .


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