Volunteers in India and Help Prevent the Spread of HIV

15 May

The human immunodeficiency virus is one of the major problems in India. Many people young and old are affected with this incurable disease. As a volunteer in India, you can help prevent the spread of this disease.

For HIV prevention program, volunteers are required to have a medical certification, license, or proof that you are a student in the medical field. Once you meet this requirement plus other criteria set by your volunteer organization like age, you can then sign up and become a volunteer in India under HIV program.

Volunteers under HIV prevention programs will be assigned in clinics and medical facilities that cater to HIV patients. You can assist professional staff in their daily routine. You may also be asked to carry out other tasks like getting the vital signs of patients, getting their weights, recordkeeping, and others. Volunteers can also helpout in outreach programs like in conducting awareness campaigns about HIV disease.

You will never run out of work as a volunteer in India in HIV prevention program. Common tasks do not only involve working with HIV patients but also other medical-related works like assistingpatients in their checkup, helping in wound-dressing, assisting in immunization of children, and others.

As a volunteer in India, you will be able to contribute your effort and knowledge for the prevention of HIV which strikes many citizens in the country. At the same time, you will also be able to deepen your knowledge in the medical field.


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