Best Volunteer Destinations in Asia

21 May

Asia is a continent with the largest area and with the most number of people. It has a total of more than four billion people and has more than 80 percent of the total earth surface area. Interestingly, Asia has also the most number of countries that can be considered as the best volunteer destination.

If you are from another continent and are searching for the best country to volunteer in Asia, there is a wide range of beautiful options available for you. Among the countries in Asia that you can visit for volunteer placements are Nepal, India, China, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. What makes these Asian countries unique is their rich culture, some with traces of Western culture that resulted from years of colonization. These countries are also richly gifted with natural resources and attractions which make them an ideal destination for tourists and volunteers.

Thousands of people volunteer in Asia everywhere. Volunteer placements available for these volunteers vary from one country to another. But there are also programs that are widely available in most Asian countries. These programs are English teaching programs, orphanage programs, care center programs, and various community development projects. Animal preservation and rescue programs are also common in several countries. And the most popular animal project involves elephants like the elephant programs in Thailand.

When you volunteer in Asia, be prepared to witness a new culture, learn the basics of a new language, visit many unique attractions, and experience a unique climate among other things.


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