Things That Await Volunteers in Sri Lanka

31 May

Volunteer Placement in Sri Lanka OrphanageOf all the places in Asia you may be asking yourself, why volunteer in Sri Lanka when you can volunteer in countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and others? Although these countries are admittedly popular volunteer destinations, there are more reasons why you should volunteer in Sri Lanka instead. You will surely be motivated when you know what awaits you when you volunteer in Sri Lanka.

First thing that will greet you as soon as you arrive in the airport is the warm and friendly smiles of the people who will make you feel welcome. And as you will be transported from the airport to your volunteer location, you will notice a lot of unique things about the country. It may not be a perfect country but there are many interesting things about it like its rich culture that you will notice just by observing the people. There also many eye-catching landmarks and attractions that you will notice along the way even while still in the city of Colombo.

Many of the volunteer placements in Sri Lanka are located in Colombo and its surrounding areas. But there are also placements in major cities like Galle and Kegallewhich are just a few hours’ ride from Colombo.These places have so much to offer from historical landmarks that were built during the time of European colonization, temples, gardens, beaches, and elephant parks to name a few. These are some of the things that await you when you volunteer in Sri Lanka. Added to that is the opportunity to do something meaningful for other people while you are on vacation.


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