Experience Great Gap Year as a Volunteer in Sri Lanka

5 Jun

 volunteer teaching monks in Sri LankaBefore going to college, many students would like to enjoy their gap year travelling, vacationing, and trying new things. But apart from them, another great activity for gap year is volunteering. Volunteering provides an opportunity for a meaningful travel or vacationing. Through volunteering, you can travel to a new country, explore it, and try new things while giving back something good to the society by helping others.

Among the popular destination for students who are taking their gap year is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a wide range of activities for volunteers. First, there are a number of programs that you can choose from and the activities and tasks involved may vary from one program to another. Among the popular programs are volunteer teaching with monks, volunteer programs in elephant camps, and volunteer programs in orphanages.  These programs will bring you to different places in Sri Lanka from its largest city of Colombo to other cities in the country.

Not only will you be able to choose your program placement, but you can also choose the places you can explore when you volunteer in Sri Lanka. The country has many great attractions including its elephant camps, parks, temples, and beaches. Those who volunteer in Sri Lanka are normally given free days per week so that volunteers will have a chance to explore the country and get to see its many attractions.

Both the different programs offered and the many attractions in the country give volunteers an opportunity to explore new things. When you volunteer in Sri Lanka in your gap year, you can enjoy an exciting vacation and try out new things while imparting your time for charitable works.


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