How to Be a Successful Volunteer in Quito

5 Jun

At an elevation of more than 9,300 feet, Quito, the capital of Ecuador is the world’s highest capital. Quito is among the first declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in the 1970s and it boasts of many beautiful historical landmarks. One of the interesting things in the city is the site called La Midad del Mundo which marks the location of the equator.

But more than just a historic and scenic city, Quito is also a great place for volunteering, more particularly volunteering with children. Quito has a number of orphanages and street children centers where volunteers can contribute their skill for a particular period of time for free. Most of the past volunteers in the city had successful and rewarding experiences as volunteers.

To be a successful volunteer in Quito, it is important that you choose a particular program placement which can give you more flexibility to explore the city. Even in the evening, there are many places in the city that you can explore. And during free days, you can also visit farther attractions. Among the popular attractions to visit are the Carondelet Palace, the historic Plaza San Francisco, the Arbolito Park, and cathedrals. Most importantly, to be a successful volunteer in Quito, you have to work your best for every volunteer task that will be given to you. Also, it will be rewarding to be able to meet new friends and enhance a skill while you volunteer so that when you go home, you can take more than just a memorable volunteering experience.

If you are interested to volunteer in Quito, there are several volunteer organizations such as VolunteeringSolutions that can help you get a good volunteer placement in the city.


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