The Benefits of Volunteering in Hanoi

6 Jun

Volunteering in Hanoi in childcare volunteer programVolunteering in Hanoi is an experience that can benefit many people including volunteers. Various volunteer organizations such as Volunteering Solutions offer different programs in the city that can benefit different groups of people. Among the popular programs offered are orphanage programs which were established to help orphan children and the English teaching programs for poor students. Other programs may also be available like programs for street children, programs for disabled children, programs for disadvantaged women, programs for poor families and communities, and others. All these programs offer unique benefits to the needy and the volunteers.

One of the great benefits of volunteering in Hanoi is that it can help improve the lives of the needy people in the city. Orphanage programs have a big impact in giving children a quality life that children with parents also enjoy. Street children programs also help in sustaining the needs of street children by providing them with food, shelter, and even sending them to school. English teaching programs also help children with poor background learn the English language which is one of the major business languages in the country. And what is good about these programs is that they can impact the lives of these people even in the future. Like when a student learns English, it is something that he or she can use when getting higher education or when applying for work. Or when you help a street child now, it can forever change his or her life for the better because he or she will be taken away from the dangers of the streets.

Also benefiting from those who volunteer in Hanoi are the organizations that house the needy people like the people running orphanages, care centers for street children, schools, and other facilities. Volunteers serve as added human resources who can do many of the routine and difficult tasks. These facilities will no longer need to hire extra people and pay them because volunteers are available and their services are free. As some of these organizations are not funded by government, it will be big savings for them not to hire more people for tasks that can be done by volunteers. This will give them a bigger budget to provide for the needs of children rather than spending their funds for salaries of workers.

Lastly, volunteers can also benefit from volunteering in the city. It can be a great opportunity to explore the city, visit many attractions, and be immersed with the culture of the country. It is also a chance for volunteers to develop friendships with other volunteers from different countries. It can also be an opportunity to improve on your skills, learn a new skill, learn new things about the history or culture of the country, and do something meaningful that can impact your life.

It is indeed true that volunteering can benefit many people. And that applies when volunteering in Hanoi. Volunteering in the city is worth the experience and worth the cost because your simple act of helping can benefit the needy and the program organizers as well as you.


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