Why you should do football coaching in Ghana?

1 Aug

When Ghana reached quarter finals of FIFA world Cup 2010, football fever gripped the country very hard. It opened new doors of opportunity to young Ghanians who strove everyday to get out of poverty stricken homes. Football has reintroduced hope and dreams in young Ghanian hearts. Football was introduced in Ghana by European merchants and sailor in late 19th century. They usually played amongst themselves, rarely playing with indigenous people. Today there are both men and Women teams. Men Team is called Black Stars and Women team Black Queens. Under – 20 team is called Black Satellites. Playing for country is considered a high honor. Football is but of of course national sport of Ghana.

Volunteer Football Coaching GhanaFootball coaching is a good way of volunteering and developing leadership skills. Gap year students, students on summer break can opt to spend few months abroad, teaching the finer nuances of bending, a la Beckham style. It is an unique opportunity for budding footballers, who can use the coaching experience on their resume and admission letter. It could be what differentiates you from the crowd. Volunteers cherish their time and friends made abroad. Some often come back to same placement. What you need to bring to field is your football skills, enthusiasm and love for football. And teach children the same thing.

Tamale has recently acquired a brand new stadium which has driven the love and enthusiasm for football home. Children religiously turn up for football coaching. Many dream of playing for the national team. i.e. they dearly dream of becoming “Black Star”. It is fast becoming national answer to question of what you want to grow up to be. Volunteers help local coaches in coaching children at schools and coaching camps. They can individually coach children improve their game. One important aspect of coaching is help children understand strategy and rules and regulations of football.

Orphanage Volunteer Program GhanaVolunteers can club football coaching with other Ghana Volunteering Projects at orphanages and schools teaching English, Maths, Sciences, music and arts or at Girl’s education projects where special focus is laid on bringing girls back to school. Girl’s education has long been neglected in Ghana. Along with Ghana Volunteering Opportunities, volunteers also get a chance of exploring and understanding a new and different culture. One of the friendliest nations and most peaceful among African nations, Ghana loves welcoming foreigners. Ghana has beautiful locales and rugged coastline. Close proximity to coast means a lot of sunny weekends on white sandy beaches. Wild Safari also make for idle Ghana tour.

Volunteering abroad does have its pros and cons. It is important that you decide your destination and communicate well in time so that we can organize your travel plan and tour and volunteering details are shared with you back in time. Volunteer in Ghana at a football coaching camp and get five benefits out of the experience:

* Develop leadership skills

* Hone your own football skills

* Freshen up your resume and admission letter

* Make new friends and bonds

And have lots of fun while at it!


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