5 inexpensive volunteer opportunities in India

23 Dec

Volunteer Abroad is the best way to spend your holidays and experience life in better way than you ever imagined. People some time wonder that volunteering is an expensive thing and is only for rich people but that is not true at all. There are many organizations which provide highly affordable volunteer programs abroad. If you are looking to join highly affordable volunteer abroad options then India is the country where you will be able to have a life time experience at a very minimum cost. Here are some of the most popular program options available in India:

Volunteer Orphanage Program :  Volunteering in an orphanage program is a very rewarding experience for people and it one of the most popular volunteer program option abroad. There are large number of poor and orphanage kids living in India which doesn’t even have the very basic amenities of life. Volunteers at the orphanage centers spend time with the kids, play with them, cook for them as well as take informal teaching classes. The idea of such placement is to engage these children to save them from evil society and help them have a better future.

Women Empowerment Volunteer Program :  This is one of the most popular program option lately which is only available for female volunteers. Under this program, volunteers work with women from poor financial family background which couldn’t educate their daughters due to money problems. Volunteers provide counseling on various day to day issues to these girls and teach them different sort of works such as beautician work, knitting, stitching and handicraft work.

Volunteer Teaching Program :   Volunteers play an important role in this program as they lead their own classes as per their confidence level and teach kids from poor background whose parents can’t afford to send their kids to schools. Volunteers can work in public or government school as per the availability. Volunteers mainly teach English, Grammar, Maths, Science, Geography as well as General Knowledge. You don’t need to have teaching experience to join this program as you would be teaching the kids aged between 6 – 15 years old.

Medical Internship Program :  Medical internship programs in India is an eye opening experience for medical students as interns work with people from poor background suffering from various type of diseases which will help them gain invaluable experience in medical field. Interns work alongside experienced and professional medical staff which will help them understand minute details and enhance their medical knowledge.

Dental Elective Program :  Dental elective internship placement in India is very popular among dental students from around the world as many Indians have dental problem due to lack of dental care and tobacco chewing. Interns work alongside professional dentists which will help them gain important knowledge related to their field. Interns get to shadow as well as gain hands on experience in this program.

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