Top 5 Volunteering Programs on Wildlife Conservation in Asia

17 Feb

Many countries in Asia are considered to be among the top tourist destinations in the world. Although most countries in Asia are not yet well developed, these countries boast of many points of interests which attract millions of tourists every year. If you would like to tour any country in Asia in a more meaningful and memorable way, there is no better way to do it than to volunteer.

One of the most promising programs offered in Asia is the wildlife conservation program which aims to protect and preserve the lives of many wild animals. Through various NGOs where volunteers can get placement, some of the abused or endangered animals are given a better chance of survival.  If you like to be a part of the wildlife conservation programs in Asia, here are some of the popular programs you can choose from:

1. Singapore Animal Rescue Program
One of the affordable volunteer programs Singapore is the animal rescue program. This program allows volunteers to work in the largest animal center in Singapore. This center has just less than 15 staff members considering its big size and the number of animals catered in this facility. That is why they welcome volunteers who would like to help in the various daily tasks. You will be working for eight hours a day for five days a week. Tasks may include feeding selected animals, cleaning cages, and making sure that the animals get their daily nutrition or assist in curing sick animals. It can be an enjoyable experience working with this program because you can get up close with the animals.

2. Elephant Program in Surin, Thailand
Surin is one of the most amazing places to visit in Thailand. Elephants here roam everywhere even on city streets. Some of them are used for begging money from tourists. This activity is illegal and volunteers can help in rescuing these animals so that they will be able to live in their natural habitat in a friendly environment and not on the streets. Under this program, you will be working in an elephant village in Surin where you will help in bathing the elephants and in feeding them. You will also help in raising awareness about the important of caring for them. At the same time, living in the village can help you learn a lot about the Thai way of life.

3. Animal Rescue Program in Vietnam
The animal rescue program in Vietnam connects volunteers who would like to take part in animal rescue with various NGOs established to rescue animals. Many of the rescue centers are located in and around Ho Chi Minh City. One of the many rescue facilities here where you could get placements deals with caring for confiscated animals from the illegal animal trade. The animals will be rehabilitated before they will be returned to the wild. You will be a part of a working staff that takes care for the animals while on rehabilitation.

4. Elephant Welfare Program in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is another country in Asia where elephants are very common. However, many of these elephants are abused or have suffered various ailments. That is why there are facilities in Sri Lanka especially designed for sick or abused elephants. When working for the elephant welfare project, you can work hand-in-hand with experienced staffs in feeding, bathing and treating ailments of the elephants. You may also be requested to do other errands such as cleaning some areas in the facility.

5. Chiang Mai Elephant Camp Program
For the Chiang Mai elephant camp program in Thailand, volunteers will be able to work with elephant trainers in bathing the elephants in the river and feeding them as well as cleaning them. Work placement for this program is located in a lush mountainside where you could also enjoy sightseeing.

The affordable volunteer programs Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Sri Lanka which focus on animal welfare are a great way to explore these countries in Asia and be able to take part in the meaningful programs that help care for the animals.

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