The Men’s Guide To Planning The Ultimate Weekend Away

20 Mar

A stag do is the last chance a man might have before he ends his glorious bachelor days and starts behaving like a married man. So, try to make it the most memorable one possible for him.

Check out the I Am Staggered blog for further tips on planning ultimate stag weekends for groups.

Here is the men’s guide to planning the ultimate weekend away friends:

1. Begin by setting your budget

Before you set your budget, discuss with all those who are willing to chip in money for the special weekend. Going for a weekend party elsewhere in the country or overseas might be a great idea but it would be more costly. Some of those who can afford to spend much money opt for a high-end party like a Las Vegas party; complete with gambling fun, beautiful women, overflowing champagne and more.

If you and your friends cannot afford to throw such a costly party, do not worry. You can still have a great weekend party by focusing on cutting down expenses.

2. Focus on cutting down on expenses

Money might be tight unless you and your friends are rich enough to spend lavishly for the stag. So, if you want to have a more ‘luxurious’ party, think about cutting down on expenses wherever possible. Do not forget to negotiate as much as possible. Going in a group is usually cheaper.

The larger the group, the cheaper it would be. Therefore, even if you were to opt for a high-end party, the expense might not be that high. Some bachelors might love the idea of getting away to a special travel destination. Even going for such a destination is possible without a great deal of expense when it comes to a group. Booking your travel package or flight tickets a few weeks in advance is a smart way to save money on travel expenses.

3. Type of weekend

Since the most important person for the party is the stag, ask him prior to planning anything. Find out from him how he yearns to spend his time with his friends before he ends his bachelor days. Some bachelors may want to do something exciting or dangerous just for the exhilaration of it or as a way of saying goodbye to their ‘boyhood’ or bachelor days. Not surprisingly, activities like go karting and bungee jumping are some of the choices of stags these days.

ultimate weekend away with friends4. Favorite weekend spots

Right now, some of the favorite bachelor party spots are Canadian cities like Montreal and Toronto. They have become the place of ‘beautiful women and overflowing champagne in limos at night’. During the day, there are exhilarating activities for the stag’s pick. Gambling some money away might appeal to some stags and their friends. To do so, head to places like Las Vegas.
Once a man gets married, gambling might not be a wise idea. He might have to be more careful about spending his money. Who knows? The stag may end up winning some money, making it the most memorable stag party possible for him.
When it comes to the men’s guide to planning the ultimate weekend, set a proper budget first. Do not forget to ask the stag what he wants. Consider choosing from favorite weekend spots like Las Vegas, Montreal and Toronto.

Written by Mike Cuttle from the Weddzilla blog, which specialises in helping men and women plan incredible weddings.

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