Visiting Thorpe Park

20 Mar

Visiting Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park, in Chertsey, is one of the foremost attractions in the UK and has plenty to offer families who are seeking a fun day out with plenty of thrills. Since 1979, the park has been entertaining visitors with a wide range of rides which are updated and added to regularly. Last year The Swarm, a new rollercoaster, was the latest in a series of thrill rides that made its debut in the park. So called Fright Nights have been added to the fun in 2013, making Thorpe Park the ideal destination for Halloween or for teenagers looking for a macabre thrill.

Getting There
Located in Surrey, Thorpe Park is easily accessed from London’s orbital ring road, the M25 motorway. Use the intersection with the M3 at junction 12 to access the park’s site which is surrounded by water. The theme park is only a few miles from the major air hub in the capital. Heathrow airport hotels are an ideal place to stay overnight if you a travelling from further afield to enjoy the park’s delights. From central London, take the A316 via Richmond and pick up the M3 at Sunbury.

The park has plenty for people who are not confirmed rollercoaster enthusiasts, so it is well worth checking out if you have a range of ages in your party, including families with younger children. There are plenty of things to see and do for younger kids. Nevertheless, some of the bigger rides do have restrictions based on the child’s height rather than his or her age. This is a safety measure, however adults who have younger children with them are still able to enjoy the height restricted rides and can do so whilst only needing to queue once. A simple voucher must be picked up to use this service, but they are easy to obtain. There are also special wristbands available which can be put on toddlers so that their parents can be phoned should the family group become separated.

The Rides
SAW: The Ride is one of the best rollercoasters that thrill seekers could wish for. Completed in 2009, the ride is billed as the most terrifying in the world. Riders are launched through a gauntlet of twisted metal and then hauled up over 100 feet before being shoved through blades which are rotating. Tidal Wave is another attraction not to be missed. This water ride produces the heart stopping experience of an 85 feet plunge into the water. It is one of the country’s tallest log flumes. If looping the loop is more your style, then try Colossus, which is the only rollercoaster in Britain to boast a four loop barrel roll. Did you know you can even get travel insurance for days out in the UK; that’s good news for anyone a bit nervous of the rides!!

For The Little Ones
Younger kids will enjoy Depth Charge, a four lane super slide which takes a 40 feet fall from the top to the bottom. Riders sit on bright yellow inflatables and can race each other down the slide. Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride is another family favourite which means kids can swing through the trees. Alternatively, try the Flying Fish ride which is a rollercoaster that younger children can enjoy.

Greg is travel writer and theme park fan. He grew up in London and has many happy memories associated with Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures.

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