Add Light To Any Kitchen With These Simple Tips

4 Apr


Ways to Lighten up Your Kitchen

Often times people who have a dimly lit or dark colored kitchen overcompensate by turning everything stark white. This is a common mistake and robs the kitchen of any personality. It also makes the kitchen appear cold and uninviting. Here are some ways to lighten up your kitchen without compromising style and personality.


The first thing you may want to do is paint the walls with an off white or neutral semi-gloss paint that will reflect the light. Use high gloss tiles for the backsplash. Mirrored tiles can be used, but they’re more difficult to keep clean and shiny in a kitchen area.


If you have dark cabinets and money is no object, you can replace with a lighter wood cabinet. If you’re on a tight budget, you can paint the cabinets a light, bright color in an enamel finish so they’re easy to clean and also reflect light. You can accent the cabinets with porcelain or light metal knobs.


If there is money in the budget for some architectural changes, you may want to consider replacing small windows with large casement windows. It’s best to use windows without dividers. You can move the window up in height to capture more sunlight. Large casement windows behind the sink can give you the feeling of standing outside. Likewise, a large picture window in your breakfast nook can add light and outside color for enjoyment while you sip your morning coffee.

Opening Up Walls and Doorways

If your kitchen is divided up into cubicle like rooms, consider taking down a wall to open up the space. Open kitchen designs are very popular since this room is often the gathering place for socializing while cooking. If you have an outside door in your kitchen, consider replacing it with an all glass door. If the door opening is large enough, installing French doors will increase the light and also provide a more open and inviting atmosphere.


Installing track lights will brighten up your kitchen and provide functional lighting. Warm LED lighting is a bit pricier, but since it uses less electricity, it’s a long term money saver. LED lighting does not emit heat, like incandescent and halogen lights, so it won’t add to the warm temperature in your kitchen while cooking. Use LED lights for under cabinet lighting. This” task lighting” will brighten up the space and it looks classy.

Utilize empty wall space with a nice piece of artwork. Install an adjustable light or two which you can shine on both the wall and the piece of art. This gives the feeling of light coming in from a window, and really enhances the look of your kitchen.


You can lighten the room using small, decorative, reflective pieces. Decorative mirrors, strategically placed throughout the kitchen, create the illusion of a bigger space. You can also use decorative, silver metallic pieces to reflect light and add décor. Consider spray painting dark, decorative items with a shiny, silver metallic. Keep decorative pieces to a minimum. Less is more, when you want your kitchen to appear open, bright and inviting.

Finally, if there is room for a kitchen table, you may want to opt for glass. This gives the illusion of more space and light. A light wood or light tile top table is also an option.


This article was written by Christine Schworer, a passionate interior designer on weekends and a professional writer for during the week.

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