Top 5 Inexpensive Volunteer Programs for Ultimate Thailand Experience

4 Apr

Thailand Summer Volunteer ProgramThailand is one of the most visited and developed countries in Asia.Yet amidst the vast development of the country, there are still underprivileged areas that need support and help. Volunteers are welcome to work, whether in the northern part of the country where you can experiencethe cooler climates in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, or the eastern side which is in Surin which is the smallest city among the other destinations offered. Each destination offers different privileges and experiences for any volunteers.

Volunteer packages for Thailand with the help of local NGOs and communities provides various options and great deals. From community work to medical services, anyone can serve and reach out to the Thais and create an impact. Ultimate Thailand Experience is not limited on how much one can afford.Any of these top five inexpensive programs will all be worth your travel experience:

  1. Elephant Volunteer Works

The location of this package is on the eastern part of Thailand in Surin which is popular as the home of the elephants. This will be your chance to live in the Thai community and get a closer encounter with the world’s biggest land animal and take care of the revered animal among Thais.

Volunteer Elephant Camp Chiang Mai

  1. SurinHealth Care Program

This program is open for medical students and qualified medical professionals. There are two areas in this program, namely General Medicine and Student Nursing. Volunteers will be supported by a local Thai Health Authority member and will be assisted by an in-country support team for the translations.

  1. Surin Teaching Program

Volunteers in this program will get a chance to teach and work with the welcoming children in orphanages, primary schools, secondary schools and teaching children with special needs. In this program volunteers can build friendships with the children of Surin and share love and care.

  1. Chiang Mai Volunteer Teaching with Monks

This program is one of the very popular volunteer programs. Volunteers will be teaching in the five monastery schools in Chiang Mai. Tasks for this program are to assist and teach English or arts to novice Buddhist monks aged 12 to 18. Volunteers will be helping the Thai faculty in teaching monks for around 20 hours a week from Monday to Friday.

Volunteer in Thailand

  1. Community Program for the Hill Tribes

A great way to reach out to the tribal people is through this program which will be in Chiang Rai. Basic tasks for volunteers under this program are to teach English, take care of the village kids, help in constructing community buildings, assist in farm lands, and plant trees. This program will generally aid these tribes yield a better and easier way of life.

To travel and serve is really a rewarding experience for anyone. Every volunteer can create an impact on their own little way which would mean a great deal for those who need it. So in order to have an Ultimate Thailand Experience, one must have the heart to reach out and share the goodness life can offer. Volunteering Solutions Thailand is just one of the agencies that offer these programs. You could visit to know more about these programs.

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