7 Tricks Most People Don’t Know To Make Your Flowers Last

7 Apr

There’s nothing quite like a bouquet of fresh flowers on your birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day. Fresh flowers bring a smile to your face and communicate that you’re loved in a way unlike any other.

Whether you use an international flower delievery company like flora2000, or receive them domestically, there’s one bad thing about getting flowers delivered at home or abroad. It’s the thought you try to bury under the fragrance of that beautiful rose. You can’t escape it; they won’t last.

You do everything you can to give them a good start. You trim the stems, then provide lots of fresh water. You put them in a clean vase, and give them a misting of cool water every day. You try to keep them out of direct sunlight, and protect them from the curiosity of children and pets. What else can you do?

There are 5 things in your house right now that will extend the life of your beautiful bouquet.

1.     Soda
The old soda trick has been used for decades to make flowers stay fresh for longer. It only takes ¼ cup of soda in the water to perk up your flowers for a few days more. The sugar adds some nutrition to the water, and the acid fights bacteria so they can keep blooming past their expiration date. Colas and other colored sodas work fine but leave your water looking a bit dingy. If your flowers are in a clear vase, use something like 7 Up or Sprite.

2.     Aspirin
No, your mother wasn’t crazy when she put a crushed up aspirin in with her roses. It works for all cut flowers. Change the water and aspirin every few days and you’ll have happy flowers.

3.     Hairspray
A little spritz on the underside of leaves and blossoms will keep your flowers looking great longer. The downside? If you use too much, you might aid your flower’s death march, not to mention mask any fragrance your flowers naturally have.

4.     Pennies
The copper in pennies in the water creates a little acid, which keeps bacteria away and keeps flowers healthier longer. It’s also said that a penny in the water helps tulips stand up straighter.

5.     Apple Cider Vinegar

A few tablespoons of vinegar along with a few tablespoons sugar in the water do much the same thing as the soda. A little acid and some sweetness are the yin/yang of flower longevity.

6.     Vodka
A few drops of vodka, or other clear spirit in the water will keep bacteria at bay. Nothing will kill your flowers faster than bacteria, microorganisms, and fungi. You can use any alcohol, but clear is best or your water will have a slight, dirty-looking tint.

7.     Bleach
If you don’t have any vodka around, you can use bleach instead. A few drops (no more than ¼ tsp.) keep bacteria away and clean the water. Add some sugar to give your flowers something to eat.

To sum it up–
Florists say you can expect about a week out of your bouquet. These tricks will let you extend your joy for a few extra days.

Mahima Narula has been in the floral business for over a decade. Currently, she is the head of business at Flora2000. They are the industry leaders in international flower delivery. Please visit their website at flora2000.com for more information.
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