What Makes Marbella The Ultimate Place To Live

28 Apr

Marbella’s beautiful topography, soothing climate and golden sandy beaches make it one of Andalusia’s most enchanting places both for holiday making and permanent living. The town, belonging to the province of Malaga, was developed by the Mediterranean. The coastline was created over thousands of years by the erosion of nearby mountains. The view of the sea and the touch of moist air on the face can be felt from any part of the city. The coastline is further dotted with green golf courses and magnificent villas. But Marbella is not only about sun-bathing on the beaches. It has a rich archaeological history and is also considered one of the cultural hubs of the region. A number of concerts and opera performances are organised here round the year, entertaining and satisfying the finer tastes of both the local people and tourists.

Why Buy Properties in Marbella

Investment on properties involves considerable expense and hassles, particularly if the destination happens to be outside one’s own country. For this and other reasons, anyone willing to buy a property would look forward to more solid reasons for doing so rather than being captivated by sapphire blue waves crashing on sandy shores. Yet, it remains an undeniable fact that buyers find the beauty of the Marbella thoroughly irresistible. This applies for the young honeymooners who visit the place on their honeymoon trip and fall in love with it. And, the wiser more level headed 65 year old retirees who look forward to setting up a nest here in the quest of a simpler and quieter pace of life. Marbella offers an unparalleled standard of living in the entire Andalusia. The cost of living in comparison is nominal. It is also very far from being a quaint sea-side town. The posh city offers a range of activities, from sports to culture, for everyone to participate in and enjoy. The warmer climate suits people visiting Marbella. The surrounding area is full of natural wealth that could be explored by hiking, trekking, cycling and other means. It is absolutely not impossible to live here and maintain an active professional life by working from here. Facilities such as electricity, telephone and broadband internet services are available. The healthcare facilities are modern. Reputed international schools are there in the city taking care of the education of the young members of the family. Finding jobs here, specifically in the hospitality industry, are not difficult for qualified expatriates with knowledge of Spanish. Courtesy the real estate investment-friendly policies of the government and initiatives of the local council, people buying properties here may also obtain residential permit from the very beginning under certain conditions.

Points to Take a Note of

If you are not fluent in Spanish do consider taking the help of a linguist or translator before embarking on a house hunt. Do employ lawyers aware of the laws of the country during the process of purchase. Check each and every document scrupulously. Avoid the rush in August for buying a property there. And, be prepared to be patient with Spanish bureaucracy. Opportunities for buying fashionable villas, in all shapes and sizes, would be aplenty after a recent spate of property development in the area. Nearly all the houses would come with their own manicured gardens, the size of it would depend on the depth of your pocket, for you to stroll in early morning or late afternoon. The beachfront properties naturally cost the highest as is the case in other parts of the world. Adjacent to the beach or at the foothills of the mountains, you may always be sure to spending time in very close proximity with nature.


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