Top 5 Inexpensive Volunteer Programs for Ultimate Thailand Experience

4 Apr

Thailand Summer Volunteer ProgramThailand is one of the most visited and developed countries in Asia.Yet amidst the vast development of the country, there are still underprivileged areas that need support and help. Volunteers are welcome to work, whether in the northern part of the country where you can experiencethe cooler climates in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, or the eastern side which is in Surin which is the smallest city among the other destinations offered. Each destination offers different privileges and experiences for any volunteers.

Volunteer packages for Thailand with the help of local NGOs and communities provides various options and great deals. From community work to medical services, anyone can serve and reach out to the Thais and create an impact. Ultimate Thailand Experience is not limited on how much one can afford.Any of these top five inexpensive programs will all be worth your travel experience:

  1. Elephant Volunteer Works

The location of this package is on the eastern part of Thailand in Surin which is popular as the home of the elephants. This will be your chance to live in the Thai community and get a closer encounter with the world’s biggest land animal and take care of the revered animal among Thais.

Volunteer Elephant Camp Chiang Mai

  1. SurinHealth Care Program

This program is open for medical students and qualified medical professionals. There are two areas in this program, namely General Medicine and Student Nursing. Volunteers will be supported by a local Thai Health Authority member and will be assisted by an in-country support team for the translations.

  1. Surin Teaching Program

Volunteers in this program will get a chance to teach and work with the welcoming children in orphanages, primary schools, secondary schools and teaching children with special needs. In this program volunteers can build friendships with the children of Surin and share love and care.

  1. Chiang Mai Volunteer Teaching with Monks

This program is one of the very popular volunteer programs. Volunteers will be teaching in the five monastery schools in Chiang Mai. Tasks for this program are to assist and teach English or arts to novice Buddhist monks aged 12 to 18. Volunteers will be helping the Thai faculty in teaching monks for around 20 hours a week from Monday to Friday.

Volunteer in Thailand

  1. Community Program for the Hill Tribes

A great way to reach out to the tribal people is through this program which will be in Chiang Rai. Basic tasks for volunteers under this program are to teach English, take care of the village kids, help in constructing community buildings, assist in farm lands, and plant trees. This program will generally aid these tribes yield a better and easier way of life.

To travel and serve is really a rewarding experience for anyone. Every volunteer can create an impact on their own little way which would mean a great deal for those who need it. So in order to have an Ultimate Thailand Experience, one must have the heart to reach out and share the goodness life can offer. Volunteering Solutions Thailand is just one of the agencies that offer these programs. You could visit to know more about these programs.


The Men’s Guide To Planning The Ultimate Weekend Away

20 Mar

A stag do is the last chance a man might have before he ends his glorious bachelor days and starts behaving like a married man. So, try to make it the most memorable one possible for him.

Check out the I Am Staggered blog for further tips on planning ultimate stag weekends for groups.

Here is the men’s guide to planning the ultimate weekend away friends:

1. Begin by setting your budget

Before you set your budget, discuss with all those who are willing to chip in money for the special weekend. Going for a weekend party elsewhere in the country or overseas might be a great idea but it would be more costly. Some of those who can afford to spend much money opt for a high-end party like a Las Vegas party; complete with gambling fun, beautiful women, overflowing champagne and more.

If you and your friends cannot afford to throw such a costly party, do not worry. You can still have a great weekend party by focusing on cutting down expenses.

2. Focus on cutting down on expenses

Money might be tight unless you and your friends are rich enough to spend lavishly for the stag. So, if you want to have a more ‘luxurious’ party, think about cutting down on expenses wherever possible. Do not forget to negotiate as much as possible. Going in a group is usually cheaper.

The larger the group, the cheaper it would be. Therefore, even if you were to opt for a high-end party, the expense might not be that high. Some bachelors might love the idea of getting away to a special travel destination. Even going for such a destination is possible without a great deal of expense when it comes to a group. Booking your travel package or flight tickets a few weeks in advance is a smart way to save money on travel expenses.

3. Type of weekend

Since the most important person for the party is the stag, ask him prior to planning anything. Find out from him how he yearns to spend his time with his friends before he ends his bachelor days. Some bachelors may want to do something exciting or dangerous just for the exhilaration of it or as a way of saying goodbye to their ‘boyhood’ or bachelor days. Not surprisingly, activities like go karting and bungee jumping are some of the choices of stags these days.

ultimate weekend away with friends4. Favorite weekend spots

Right now, some of the favorite bachelor party spots are Canadian cities like Montreal and Toronto. They have become the place of ‘beautiful women and overflowing champagne in limos at night’. During the day, there are exhilarating activities for the stag’s pick. Gambling some money away might appeal to some stags and their friends. To do so, head to places like Las Vegas.
Once a man gets married, gambling might not be a wise idea. He might have to be more careful about spending his money. Who knows? The stag may end up winning some money, making it the most memorable stag party possible for him.
When it comes to the men’s guide to planning the ultimate weekend, set a proper budget first. Do not forget to ask the stag what he wants. Consider choosing from favorite weekend spots like Las Vegas, Montreal and Toronto.

Written by Mike Cuttle from the Weddzilla blog, which specialises in helping men and women plan incredible weddings.

Visiting Thorpe Park

20 Mar

Visiting Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park, in Chertsey, is one of the foremost attractions in the UK and has plenty to offer families who are seeking a fun day out with plenty of thrills. Since 1979, the park has been entertaining visitors with a wide range of rides which are updated and added to regularly. Last year The Swarm, a new rollercoaster, was the latest in a series of thrill rides that made its debut in the park. So called Fright Nights have been added to the fun in 2013, making Thorpe Park the ideal destination for Halloween or for teenagers looking for a macabre thrill.

Getting There
Located in Surrey, Thorpe Park is easily accessed from London’s orbital ring road, the M25 motorway. Use the intersection with the M3 at junction 12 to access the park’s site which is surrounded by water. The theme park is only a few miles from the major air hub in the capital. Heathrow airport hotels are an ideal place to stay overnight if you a travelling from further afield to enjoy the park’s delights. From central London, take the A316 via Richmond and pick up the M3 at Sunbury.

The park has plenty for people who are not confirmed rollercoaster enthusiasts, so it is well worth checking out if you have a range of ages in your party, including families with younger children. There are plenty of things to see and do for younger kids. Nevertheless, some of the bigger rides do have restrictions based on the child’s height rather than his or her age. This is a safety measure, however adults who have younger children with them are still able to enjoy the height restricted rides and can do so whilst only needing to queue once. A simple voucher must be picked up to use this service, but they are easy to obtain. There are also special wristbands available which can be put on toddlers so that their parents can be phoned should the family group become separated.

The Rides
SAW: The Ride is one of the best rollercoasters that thrill seekers could wish for. Completed in 2009, the ride is billed as the most terrifying in the world. Riders are launched through a gauntlet of twisted metal and then hauled up over 100 feet before being shoved through blades which are rotating. Tidal Wave is another attraction not to be missed. This water ride produces the heart stopping experience of an 85 feet plunge into the water. It is one of the country’s tallest log flumes. If looping the loop is more your style, then try Colossus, which is the only rollercoaster in Britain to boast a four loop barrel roll. Did you know you can even get travel insurance for days out in the UK; that’s good news for anyone a bit nervous of the rides!!

For The Little Ones
Younger kids will enjoy Depth Charge, a four lane super slide which takes a 40 feet fall from the top to the bottom. Riders sit on bright yellow inflatables and can race each other down the slide. Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride is another family favourite which means kids can swing through the trees. Alternatively, try the Flying Fish ride which is a rollercoaster that younger children can enjoy.

Greg is travel writer and theme park fan. He grew up in London and has many happy memories associated with Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures.

Top 5 Volunteering Programs on Wildlife Conservation in Asia

17 Feb

Many countries in Asia are considered to be among the top tourist destinations in the world. Although most countries in Asia are not yet well developed, these countries boast of many points of interests which attract millions of tourists every year. If you would like to tour any country in Asia in a more meaningful and memorable way, there is no better way to do it than to volunteer.

One of the most promising programs offered in Asia is the wildlife conservation program which aims to protect and preserve the lives of many wild animals. Through various NGOs where volunteers can get placement, some of the abused or endangered animals are given a better chance of survival.  If you like to be a part of the wildlife conservation programs in Asia, here are some of the popular programs you can choose from:

1. Singapore Animal Rescue Program
One of the affordable volunteer programs Singapore is the animal rescue program. This program allows volunteers to work in the largest animal center in Singapore. This center has just less than 15 staff members considering its big size and the number of animals catered in this facility. That is why they welcome volunteers who would like to help in the various daily tasks. You will be working for eight hours a day for five days a week. Tasks may include feeding selected animals, cleaning cages, and making sure that the animals get their daily nutrition or assist in curing sick animals. It can be an enjoyable experience working with this program because you can get up close with the animals.

2. Elephant Program in Surin, Thailand
Surin is one of the most amazing places to visit in Thailand. Elephants here roam everywhere even on city streets. Some of them are used for begging money from tourists. This activity is illegal and volunteers can help in rescuing these animals so that they will be able to live in their natural habitat in a friendly environment and not on the streets. Under this program, you will be working in an elephant village in Surin where you will help in bathing the elephants and in feeding them. You will also help in raising awareness about the important of caring for them. At the same time, living in the village can help you learn a lot about the Thai way of life.

3. Animal Rescue Program in Vietnam
The animal rescue program in Vietnam connects volunteers who would like to take part in animal rescue with various NGOs established to rescue animals. Many of the rescue centers are located in and around Ho Chi Minh City. One of the many rescue facilities here where you could get placements deals with caring for confiscated animals from the illegal animal trade. The animals will be rehabilitated before they will be returned to the wild. You will be a part of a working staff that takes care for the animals while on rehabilitation.

4. Elephant Welfare Program in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is another country in Asia where elephants are very common. However, many of these elephants are abused or have suffered various ailments. That is why there are facilities in Sri Lanka especially designed for sick or abused elephants. When working for the elephant welfare project, you can work hand-in-hand with experienced staffs in feeding, bathing and treating ailments of the elephants. You may also be requested to do other errands such as cleaning some areas in the facility.

5. Chiang Mai Elephant Camp Program
For the Chiang Mai elephant camp program in Thailand, volunteers will be able to work with elephant trainers in bathing the elephants in the river and feeding them as well as cleaning them. Work placement for this program is located in a lush mountainside where you could also enjoy sightseeing.

The affordable volunteer programs Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Sri Lanka which focus on animal welfare are a great way to explore these countries in Asia and be able to take part in the meaningful programs that help care for the animals.

5 inexpensive volunteer opportunities in India

23 Dec

Volunteer Abroad is the best way to spend your holidays and experience life in better way than you ever imagined. People some time wonder that volunteering is an expensive thing and is only for rich people but that is not true at all. There are many organizations which provide highly affordable volunteer programs abroad. If you are looking to join highly affordable volunteer abroad options then India is the country where you will be able to have a life time experience at a very minimum cost. Here are some of the most popular program options available in India:

Volunteer Orphanage Program :  Volunteering in an orphanage program is a very rewarding experience for people and it one of the most popular volunteer program option abroad. There are large number of poor and orphanage kids living in India which doesn’t even have the very basic amenities of life. Volunteers at the orphanage centers spend time with the kids, play with them, cook for them as well as take informal teaching classes. The idea of such placement is to engage these children to save them from evil society and help them have a better future.

Women Empowerment Volunteer Program :  This is one of the most popular program option lately which is only available for female volunteers. Under this program, volunteers work with women from poor financial family background which couldn’t educate their daughters due to money problems. Volunteers provide counseling on various day to day issues to these girls and teach them different sort of works such as beautician work, knitting, stitching and handicraft work.

Volunteer Teaching Program :   Volunteers play an important role in this program as they lead their own classes as per their confidence level and teach kids from poor background whose parents can’t afford to send their kids to schools. Volunteers can work in public or government school as per the availability. Volunteers mainly teach English, Grammar, Maths, Science, Geography as well as General Knowledge. You don’t need to have teaching experience to join this program as you would be teaching the kids aged between 6 – 15 years old.

Medical Internship Program :  Medical internship programs in India is an eye opening experience for medical students as interns work with people from poor background suffering from various type of diseases which will help them gain invaluable experience in medical field. Interns work alongside experienced and professional medical staff which will help them understand minute details and enhance their medical knowledge.

Dental Elective Program :  Dental elective internship placement in India is very popular among dental students from around the world as many Indians have dental problem due to lack of dental care and tobacco chewing. Interns work alongside professional dentists which will help them gain important knowledge related to their field. Interns get to shadow as well as gain hands on experience in this program.

Thailand Volunteer Opportunities: How to Perform your Role

10 Dec

Volunteer Teaching in ThailandWhen it comes to volunteering, your success depends on how much work you have contributed to improve the lives of people you are helping. The essence of volunteering is not on how much you enjoy the experience but on how much others enjoy your services. It is very easy to sign up for Thailand volunteer opportunities but it can be hard to fulfill your duties as a volunteer.

To be an effective and successful volunteer in Thailand you have to know what your roles are and be able to do them. And you can be even more successful if you always do your best and exceed the expectations of your superiors. As a volunteer, you should not settle for mediocre work. Instead, you should aim for better work performance. For instance, if you will be assigned to teach English to school children, an ordinary volunteer will just rely on the superior’s instruction on how to teach the children. On the other hand, a successful volunteer will follow the superior’s instruction and even make extra steps to make provide entertaining and attention-grabbing activities so that children can learn and have fun at the same time.

Aside from doing your best, going the extra mile can also make you more effective in serving. And when you serve for Thailand volunteer activities, always remember to give your best and do extra mile or do more than what your superior expects of you.

If you are interested to enlist for Thailand volunteer opportunities, you could sign up with volunteering Solutions, visit to get all detailed informations.

Tips for Ultimate South Africa Volunteer Opportunities

21 Nov

South Africa volunteer opportunitiesThere are many South Africa volunteer opportunities and one of them may be suitable for you. South Africa is a country where volunteers can safely work. It is also a country where volunteer opportunities are associated with an opportunity to see exciting places and do unique activities. However, this opportunity is taken for granted by other volunteers. And with this wasted opportunity, they are unable to have an ultimate volunteer experience.

It is you who creates your volunteer experience. And what you do prior to volunteering and while volunteering can affect your overall experience. If you like to have an ultimate experience, there are some tips to help you.

Before volunteering in South Africa, be sure that you are able to select the type of program that is suited for you. Then, book it in partnership with a reputable volunteer organization such as Volunteering Solutions among others. Once you have booked a volunteer placement, be sure to know the complete details of your placement, including the details of the tasks involved, the people you will be working for, the details of the location of your volunteer placement, possible attractions you could visit nearby, and other essential information. This is important so that you can plan properly and appropriately for the actual work.

Once you arrive in South Africa, there are two important things you should not fail to do. That is to do your best at work and explore whenever you can. Don’t mix up your volunteer work with extracurricular activities so that you could effectively perform your duties. And during your free time, be sure to use it wisely in exploring and looking for adventure.

You can have a really enjoyable and meaningful volunteer experience in South Africa. Visit here to sign up for South Africa volunteer opportunities.